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Structural Family Therapy

Structural family therapy is vital for Kate Smith and the family members. The main aim of the therapy is to restructure the operations in the family to come up with solutions to the existing problems in the family. Firstly, it is vital to strengthen the boundaries between the family members. The therapist should try to have Catherine and Hank converse and describe their stresses as family, environmental, and life stressors. Through this, the two parents can converse directly and therefore find better solutions to avoid arguing, especially when the children are there. Secondly, it is vital to let Kate describe the problems she is facing, discuss her experiences, the conflicted relationship with her mother, how she feels trying to run interference between her parents to shelter Jennifer, and how she manages the stress. When the therapist listens to Kate’s problems, they can encourage her to restructure her coping style for her to be able to deal with other stresses in the future.

Thirdly, reframing will help Kate think about situations from different perspectives and, therefore, can take the experiences more positively and believe that they can improve relationships dynamic with the parents. Fourthly, psychoeducation can be very beneficial for the family. The therapist should educate Kate with other family members about ways of managing anger, solutions to conflicts, and the need to communicate effectively. Healthy communication among the family members will help identity achievement and clear family boundaries. Lastly, the therapist should give the family an assignment. The therapist should assist the parents form a healthy parental subsystem; through this, they can treat and care for their children equally without any conflicting relationships.

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